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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Glock rumors.... .380 and and AR?!?!

"Heard it from a friend who...
heard it from a friend who...
heard it from another Glock's been messing around"

                                                             ~REO Speedwagon

Got the following Glock rumor via various sources not in my direct line of communication.....so consider the source I got before you rant...just passing on what I am hearing here.

So...... this rumor has 2 parts....first part, Glock is going to start selling a .380 auto in the US, presumingly the G25.  This would indicate to me that they are going to produce it within the US, as the "penalty" for importing the .380 does not give it enough "points" on this ATF checklist to be legal to import, some type of safeguard against the importation of so called "Saturday night specials" I think.  If so, I have mixed feelings about this.  First, happy that US made Glocks will be available to the US market.  Glock has been making some pistols in the US for export to countries that do not have a arms trade agreement with Austria directly for a few years, but few, if any, of these guns make it to US gunbuyers.  Secondly, kind of disappointed that they would do this before coming out with a small, single stack 9mm pistol.  Lets face it, the .380 craze is so 2008...everyone is buying (and making) single stack 9mm's now.  Not that Glock is known for any special innovation, but still it would of been nice.  Kind of curious to see how a larger .380 like the G25 will do in the market.  Ruger just released their LC9 pistol chambered in .380 so maybe the market is there for recoil sensitive shooters looking to fire a "mild" round out of a larger frame.

Also of note, I believe the G25 is the only non-locking breech Glock, relying on a simple blowback operation like many other .380s but retaining the overall Glock form.

Second part....get ready for it.....Glock to produce AR rifles?!?!?!?   Yep, that's what I heard, Glock is going to produce an AR with supposedly 2 different uppers available, 5.56mm and 6.8mm.  Why? Well, I suppose it has something to do with Glock's position in the law enforcement market and the move toward the so called "militarization" of our nations LEO officers, equipping squad cars with carbines instead of the traditional shotguns to better deal with modern threats on the mean streets.   Remember, when Glock first got into the LE market they offered ridiculous trade in discounts to departments, often sacrificing profits for long term customer loyalty that has served them well.  I wouldn't be surprised if this actually came to pass (that they made AR's) that they would be almost giving away their service pistols to departments that also bought their carbines.  Otherwise, I am sure having an AR with "GLOCK" stamped on the magwell would be enough to send sales skyrocketing on the civilian market side.

Personally, I would of liked to see Glock produce a compact, single stack 9mm to compete with the likes of the M&P Shield and XDS (both of which have had safety recalls issued this past week....oops, that would of been a market into boom if Glock had one ready to roll out now!).  That niche for compact 9mm's is/has taking/taken over from where the ultra small .380 boom left off.

Also, I still would like to see a pistol caliber carbine from them that utilizes Glocks standard mags.  Not only would I want one, but I think that quite a few LE agencies might be into issuing a weapon that offers better accuracy and penetration using the same logistical feeding system and round as the officers primary sidearm. 

Oh well, lets see if these rumors actually come true now....

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