2nd Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

"I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians."
- George Mason (father of the Bill of Rights and The Virginia Declaration of Rights)

Friday, April 27, 2012

CCW Holder stops a knife wielding crazy

Remember last month when we had a lunatic go on a stabbing spree here in downtown Columbus, Ohio?  It was ended after a police officer upped the ante on the guy with a couple rounds from her issued S&W M&P40.  Before that a few other folks got pretty cut up trying to stop the attacker that did not have the bang-bang to over rule his stab-stab.  All of this took place in a "weapons-free-zone"

They had the same thing happen in Utah but luckily to took place in a "not-so-weapons-free-zone".   For people who question the need to go forth armed for protection...please take note.

Shooting Trap...without the shotgun!

Hello my name is Pete and I'm a Cleveland Browns fan....

There, got that off of my chest...I hate the city itself and its leadership but I have been a fan of its Football and Baseball teams since the 80's when a few of my college room mates duct taped me in a chair with my eyes forced open for an entire NFL season to watch Bernie Kosar and Ernest Byner almost go all the way...

For those not sports inclined or living under a rock, yesterday was the NFL draft where scores of young players from the NCAA and some other routes try and get hired by NFL teams in a painfully long process totally over analyzed by ESPN.  My Browns chose Trent Richardson in their first pick - which I am happy about because I would rather have a couple of studs in my backfield that a good quarterback could reliably hand off to than a great quarterback back their with mediocre receivers to try and hook up some yardage.  Also, as you would recall from last week, Richardson is the kind of guy that you would be proud to have your daughter take to prom...I still do place a high level of importance in the character of the athletes our youth put on a pedestal.

The 2nd pick for the Browns in the 1st round was a "not-so-young" quarterback named Brandon Weeden from Oklahoma State.  The 28 year old quarterback played for a few years professional baseball as a pitcher before returning to college to break several records at OSU and surprising many of us on draft day.  Apparently those years as a pitchers in the major leagues has given him a pretty good arm.

I love to shoot trap, although I don't do it as often as I would like.  Brandon Weeden likes to take out clay pigeons also...but instead of a shotty...he uses a football...prepared to be in awe...

Wow  is all I can say...I feel bad for our current QB Colt McCoy - a damn good QB in his own right who got beat up last year playing for us -  but I have never seen a video like that of Colt McCoy...

Thursday, April 26, 2012


My friend Steve sent me a link to an Armslist add today selling a Kel-Tec P-3AT for $200 down in Cincinnati...this is the pic that went with the ad...

Seriously, WTH?  Steve my friend, I don't know if the pic was supposed to be humorous, but I would RUN from any negotiation with an individual that duct tapes anything like that to a shotty and posts it without a humor disclaimer!

The mystery of the missing C&R license solved...

..well partially...I got a hold of a top tier group of investigative operators and put them on the trail of my missing C&R license that I applied for last year...

Well, actually I just finally called the BATFE to find out what the heck was going on with it.  I had thought it might take a long time, but we were talking 6 months at this point.  What I was told was that the license was mailed to me back on December 26th!! WTF!!  I sure as heck would have seen it in the mail and Household-6 confirmed she didn't see it..so where could it be?  The BATFE is sending a replacement, but I got to ask what happened to the first one?

If for some reason I had been chosen at random for an audit I would of felt silly not having any type of "bound book" to produce...and secondly (and more importantly) how do I know it wasn't taken from the mail and used by someone else to somehow illegally obtain C&R firearms?  I asked to see if they could check and see if my license had been used (don't know if they could actually track that) and for someone to annotate the fact that I have not had it in my possession since it was issued.

Funny thing, the only other thing I can remember not getting in the mail I was expecting (no package or envelope present) was a package with a holster from Custom Carry Concepts...also firearm related.  Makes me wonder if someone isn't checking out my mail since they know I am a shooter.  Paranoid, I know...but just a funny coincidence.

Well, the main damage has been done, that the fact that some of the guns I wanted to acquire (Polish P-64 and Tokarev) with the license have fallen out of stock at a lot of places...they are relic firearms you know.  Well, at least with the license I can now look forward to maybe getting a few pieces to add to the collection after all....

Monday, April 23, 2012

Federal 9mm 9BPLE +P+ ammunition

I got some boxes of this stuff in my safe for SHTF time when the zeds come a calling.  115 grain hollow points loaded past SAAMI +P specs that supposedly go 1,300 fps down range.  It was alleged to have been designed for the Illinois State Police and developed a reputation for a one stop shot type round according to web talk.  This is wicked stuff to shoot for sure...nice report and a bit harsh on the recoil as apposed to most other stuff. But does it work?  I mean in the "light & fast vs. heavy & slow" debate  does this round really stand up to it reputation?

The excellent video blogger tnoutdoors9 put the ammo to test this past week on YouTube which I share below..

Man, that is some damage?  For those who complain that the 9mm is not a "combat" round, would one of you please volunteer to step in front of the muzzle with that coming at you.  Yeah, it is not perfect, but no handgun round really is anyway...otherwise we would just dump rifles and issue M9's to all of our troops.  The guy here didn't get the 1,300fps advertised velocity, but what he got in terms of wound cavity expansion is pretty damn scary.  Also like he shot it with a G19, which is one of my "Z day" guns, however, I wonder if Glock would endorse using such high pressure stuff in their wares?  A quick query with Google and I got the following info from a poster on firearmstalk.com....

So this came up in another thread, and it's come up several times, so I decided to call the US "Assembly" plant in Ga today and find out first hand.
I talked to Darrell(Darryl) who was in tech support and asked specifically if there was a problem removingANY Glock pistol from the shipping box and feeding it either +P or +P+ ammo.
His response:
Originally Posted by Darrel From Glock
There is not a problem with firing +P or +P+ FACTORY ammo out of a Glock weapon. We DO NOTrecommend feeding any of our pistols a steady diet of this type of ammo due to the excessive pressures that CAN cause excessive wear on the weapon.
Next I asked if they recommend upgrading any components like a recoil spring for someone that might want to carry these rounds exclusively and practice with them at a rate of two range trips a month.
Originally Posted by Darrel From Glock
We would recommend that the end user be aware of the extra pressure these rounds can exert on the weapon and would recommend them to upgrade their recoil spring at a rate of once every 2,000 rounds ( of +P or +P+ ) instead of our normal recommended number of 3,000-5,000 regular rounds
Then I asked him if there was damage to the weapon and a customer sent it back with full disclosure that they had indeed been shooting +P and/or +P+ ammo in it, would this void the warranty or otherwise affect the level of service they received. This answer was a little less definite.
Originally Posted by Darrel From Glock
I would like to say that Glock would stand behind our product and our warranty 100% but in a case such as this there would have to be questions if the damage was done due to excessive pressure and if that excessive pressure was from factory loads or not.
"So, Glock may question if the end user was handloading and this caused the problem?"
Originally Posted by Darrel From Glock
Yes sir, that is corrrect. But it should not affect the level of service or attention that the customer would receive from Glock.
So, there you have it folks. Right from Tech Support in Georgia. You can shoot the hot stuff through your Glocks, but make sure and change your recoil springs frequently and have your data books up to date with the ammo you used just in case.
+1 for Glock on this issue.

So it appears as long as I don't overuse the ammo as range ammo in it and take care to monitor its wear and replace the recoil spring (a skill level "0" task on a Glock of course) I should be good to go.  So now that I am thinking about it...maybe a couple more boxes need to be added to the stash...

Heavy Metal Monday #2 - B-52 and The Cult

Well, here's #2 of this "new" series....

The B-52 Stratofortress and The Cult.  There is a combination that you might not put together normally.

The B-52

The B-52 traces its origins back to the start of the Cold War between the US and former Soviet Union.  A nuclear standoff over much of the world was waged starting in the late 40's until the fall of the Soviet regime in the 90's.  It was designed in the birth of the jet age when people still thought with turboprop minds...indeed the first engines ever to grace a prototype were prop engines themselves, the jet replacements coming after somebody drank a cup of reality and realized the future laid in jet propulsion.  Designed after WW2 where convention wisdom was to fly as high above the enemy as possible to stay out of anti-aircraft fire and away from interceptor aircraft (again we always seem to plan to fight the last war we have been in) the specification for the B-52 had a ceiling (maximum flying altitude) of 34,000 feet and a speed of 300 knots.  Doesn't sound like much now but it was cutting edge performance in its day.  I don't know if you have flown lately, but I remember going over to Europe when deploying and seeing the display in the cabin of our aircraft showing we were flying at something like 37,000 feet at 600 knots.  Moreover, the cruising range was around 5,000 miles...which is a far piece in and of itself.  The eventual specs after the jets were added and other factors gave a plane that flew at more than 500 knots, cruised above 35,000 feet and had a range of around 7,000 miles.  Pretty good even today.

Despite this performance, the concept that the bomber would be able to cruise high enough and fast enough to be safe from ground based anti-aircraft systems lasted about as operationally as long as it took you to read this sentence.  Actually, more like 3 to 5 years, which in terms of a weapons system like the B-52 is time enough for one or two minor improvements, especially at the height of the Cold War.  The Soviet SA-2 AA missile quickly make the operating altitude of the B-52 a nice altitude to allow the crew to get a good view of the vapor trail coming up to intercept them.   While US spies and intelligence sources had a good idea of what it was capable of, when one of these missiles shot down a U2 spy plane on May 1st, 1960 it verified the fact that the gig was up for high altitude safety.

The B-52 was as much a star of the movie Dr. Strangelove as any other actor.  This is one of my favorite parts of the movie....RIP Slim Pickens...

Despite this "shortcoming", the B-52 still stayed as the main offensive bomber in the US nuclear triad for many years and was employed in its conventional role extensively in Vietnam where, despite losses to the SA-2 at the hands of Vietnamese troops armed and trained by the Soviets, where its massive payloads of conventional munitions was able to bring the North Vietnamese to the negotiation table after operations such as Linebacker I and II.  The effects of a bombing mission were devastating to behold with troops in Vietnam earning it the nickname "Arc Light" for the sudden flashes of lights that would appear from the explosions without warning as the bombs were dropped from such a high height that no advanced warning of the impending devastation would be known.

Even today the B-52 still remains in service and has provided invaluable yet again in the wars in the Gulf Region (in the first attack on Iraq in 1991 and in OIF) and Afghanistan where its operation altitude is of no matter against forces that lack the materials or ability to engage them anyway.  Through progressive modernization programs the plane is still flying after 57 years of service, with many of the airframes being almost that age themselves!  Yes indeed, the plane is not is not "sexy" or equipped with "stealth technology" (matter of fact it looks like a 1911 flying around - those flat sides must reflect radar like a rubber ball off of a wall!).  This is of no matter in many cases as improvements to the ECW components and new tactics have made it a viable offensive weapon for the US.  Matter of fact, the US Air Force adapted the bomber to be used in the low level bomber role as far back as the 1960's, a role in which it still can be used today.

The B-52 is an American icon, some of the same planes are being flown today that were being flown by the current crews GRANDFATHERS in 24/7 missions during the Cold War holding the nuclear dogs of war in their bellies.  The platform is not scheduled to be totally removed from the US operational force for another 20 years, making it at its retirement close to matching the 1911's record for longest serving weapon in the military.  Its pretty incredible some of these planes have been in the air for 50 years, to think some of them may be flying for 70+ years when they get their well deserved retirement is just mind blowing...especially since they will be crewed by the GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN of the original crews...wow.

The Cult - Peace Dog

Not traditionally considered a metal group, the Cult is a British Band formed in 1983 originally called Southern Death Cult.  They started out as a progressive rock band but moved in the late 80's to a more harsh sound closer to the hair band metal sound ruling the airways at the time. Peace Dog is from the bands most successful album, 1987's Electric.  The song is a anti-war song in which the line "B-52 baby way up in the sky, come droppin' you love on me child" In the song B-52 is sung as "Bee-Five-Two" which probably was due to the band members having no idea what they were singing about, but whatever..the song was one of the better cut from the album...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The gun you need...

Misleading title...I am NOT going to give you the name of the "gun you need"...but I will link to an article by Phil "The Martialist" Elmore about the characteristics that make a good home defense gun.  I have spoken about the subject a couple of times on this blog and pretty much agree with everything that Phil has to say on the subject.

The only thing he omits, in my opinion, is the thought that a gun is better than no gun when it comes to defending yourself.  In his first point, Choose only an established firearm in an established caliber, he advises to buy only those firearms by major or trusted manufacturers.  Good advice, but how about a company like Hi-Point?  They certainly are popular, but you can find opinions disparaging them quite easily.  I personally have nothing against them as even the company will tell you that they are not fancy, heritage grade firearms.  They do work, I can attest to that having owned two of them though.  Many people may be turned off of them that financially have very little otherwise to consider in their price range.  In that situation having a Hi-Point .45 is better than having to wait months and months to save for a budget 1911 clone if some thug comes knocking at your door in the wee hours of the morning in the meantime.  A very minor gripe, and I am sure if he and I discussed this exact same scenario he would agree with my views (he once used a Hi-Point 9mm carbine for a training class along side of guys with custom AR rigs!).

Here's another good example that the gun you have is better than the gun you didn't....a young girl defends her home and herself with ..... A Pink .22 Cricket Rifle!

A good read by a good author anyway you look at it, enjoy.

Max Brooks + Sons of Guns = Partial Meh Fail

I watched the season finale of Sons of Guns last night, featuring The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z author Max Brooks.  I don't particularly care for SOG, its OK but I think its a bit hokey and am suspicious of the "reality" of this "reality show".  Of course I am burnt out on most reality TV anyways.  Brooks was on the show (aside from ratings and as promotional work for his upcoming movie adaption of WWZ) to build the "ultimate zombie killing rifle".

"OK, I'll concentrate on the "Meh" portion of the show why you guys get started on the "fail"..."

What came out of the show was far apart from what he writes about in his books.  I like both the books, and I think WWZ was an awesome tome of fiction to be sure and made some very valid observations about modern society against the backdrop of the zed apocalypse.  In the book he describes a zombie killing rifle used by the forces of the US called the Standard Infantry Rifle (SIR...as in "Yes SIR!")...(bear with me this is from memory)

  • It's got a wood stock because after Z day polymers are difficult to produce and wood is plentiful..also I would say wood would be better to use as a club (especially with a metal butt plate) if ammo ran out or you suddenly found yourself at bad breath distance with a zed head..
  • Uses a modified AK type mechanism that is virtually foolproof to failure.
  • Comes with interchangeable barrels that allow it to be transformed from a long range rifle to a carbine for close quarters use.
  • Semi Auto, as tactics for fighting them were old square formations firing aimed volleys at the heads of masses of the undead.
  • Utilizes as 5.56 "PIE" round, which is basically a fragmenting pyro round that ignites inside a zed skull and fries the brain on impact.
  • Comes equipped with a spike bayonet to thrust into eye sockets and such if need be.

All of this makes the following rifle come to mind - minus the replaceable barrels and 5.56 chambering, both of which could be improved to the design..

..yes, it an SKS...Norinco actually because its got a spike bayonet...make a few minor tweaks to include those barrels, fire a 5.56 round and maybe a rail for optics and I think it would make a fine SIR.   If you read TZSG, I think you might remember that the weapon that was on top of Brooks list of "must haves" was the M1 carbine for its balance of weight and firepower, that would also be a good choice I think.

Now what did the geniuses at SOG and Max come up with?...

Well, Will...the "owner" of Red Jacket Firearms (he and his daughter had to give up their FFL due to some receivers that went missing, but thats a story for another time) came up with a standard AR style built that consisted of the following (again from memory) for their "military" version of a zombie slayer..

  • 5.56 AR modified to run full auto with the fun switch fully depressed...waste of ammo per both TZSG and WWZ ...
  • Utilizes 100 round drum mags...nice touch..
  • EOTech "zombie biohazard" XPS halo sight...don't even want to comment on how stupid that is...
  • Standard folding stock that he showed crushing coconuts...stupid, just use a full length stock...better for using the weapon as a ad hoc club or spear if need be...
  • 37mm grenade launcher..nice touch but not to launch grenades but flares to spot them by at night, in my book at least...frags don't do much to them...check out the Battle of Yonkers in WWZ.
  • A bayonet.

Overall, not a bad build really...the AR is pretty much what many of us have as a "SHTF" weapon anyway...

Max's team on the other hand came up with the following for his "civilian" weapon

  • A bullpup design based on the FN P90 PDW that they had custom made on a 3D printer...nice and compact? yes...but not exactly the stand off distance I would want for my ad hoc club against a zombie..
  • Chambered in .22 instead of the 5.7mm round the P90 was designed for...I think using a 10/22 receiver
  • An optic of some type...
  • A silencer...nice, zed won't be attracted to the noise
  • A spike for the end that can be fitted to thrust into the cranium.

A FN P90 kind of tricked out like Max had his .22 version...

First off, the .22...wth?  Yes the .22 is plentiful in quantity and at close distance I bet it will blast through zed bones in the mellon...but what happened to starting to take them out a long range in formation from your books Max?  The .22 will give up a lot of energy past 100 yards or so I think, enough that penetration is not a foregone conclusion when you're aiming at the ol' melon.  Another thing, the 5.7 round was designed to be an smaller, more compact round to replace the 9mm and has already been adapted in a pistol by FN as well as the P90.  Sure, its not as small as a .22 for sure, but its certainly smaller than the 5.56/.223 round used in the AR and has way more energy than the .22.

5.7mm (left) next to a 5.56 NATO round (right)

Also, calling his weapon the "civilian" version of the zombie weapon and wanting it to be small enough so people would be willing to carry it all day...hmmm...when you got flesh eating ghouls walking around chomping on your friends and family everybody is a combatant, not a civilian and you find the time and energy to carry what you have to to kill the zed threat!

Overall I am torn between "meh" and "fail" on this show, "meh" because I think I could of missed it and been none the worse for wear and "fail" because I think both groups missed on several points of Brooks books.
What I think this show lacked was an adherence to Brooks own reality he laid out in his books.  In my view, TZSG laid out the rules in which his zombie universe played to, and WWZ was bound by these rules to exist in.  In order to keep this show in harmony with this they should of built weapons that would of been used in WWZ and not gone off the grid for sensationalism.

Then again, this is all only fictional stuff we are talking about right?

Or is it?....

Happy "Independence Day"

Mostly overlooked, today is a very important day in the history of the US...our true "Independence Day" so to speak..

On the morning of April 19th, 1775...colonist militia engaged the English Army for the first time in what is considered to be the "official" start of the American Revolution.  English forces out of Boston were sent to seize arms and powder belonging to the militia, but the colonists had been tipped off to the threat and managed to move and relocate most of their arms.  Sitting here 237 years later I harbor no ill will to our British allies across the sea, other than that War, the War of 1812 and a few other select times the US and Great Britain have enjoyed a mutual friendship and support few other nations can boast. That does not mean, however, that I forget the beginnings of my nations independence and against whom it was gained from...

I have spoken of The Appleseed Project many times before on this blog, and am planning to attend a shoot this year again - and get that Rifleman badge!  Appleseed is not only a great way to learn or hone your marksmanship skills, but also a great place to get introduced to some of our nations founding history and principles.  I highly encourage you to find and attend one in your area.

You want another freebie? You got it, courtesy of Mad Ogre

OK, more free stuff - and this one would actually cost you money otherwise! Starting today through Saturday you can download the book Uprising USA from none other than our friend George "Mad Ogre" Hill in Kindle for FREE from Amazon! Don't Have a Kindle? No problem, if you are reading this you obviously have a computer and you can download a free Kindle reader from Amazon at the same time!

Click on the pic to get the book...ya' dig?

So what's the catch you might ask? To tell you the truth, I haven't the foggiest...but you know George will be spot on with weapons in this book...and did I mention its was FREE! Thanks Ogre!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another one we apparently won!

Back in February I posted about the proposed "hidden compartment" bill in Ohio, Senate Bill (SB) 305 that was aimed at fighting drug trafficking in the state but might have also taken out lawful CCW holders trying to safeguard their weapons.  I, and many others apparently, contacted the bills sponsor, State Senator Jim Hughes  and other government officials and asked for the bill to be modified to allow for such lawful carry and concealment of our firearms.

Somebody was listening...

Buckeye Firearms reports that they have worked with Governor Kasich to amend the bill to protect our rights!

A compartment built into the Mercedes E550 that would have been criminal under the proposed law...I found this picture on a LE Officer site showing concealable weapons that criminals use... ironic.  To-short-shorts not included in the vehicle purchase price...

Thanks to any and all that helped contribute to this grass roots effort to remind our government that we are not going to stand by and allow our rights to be eroded...whether on purpose or by simple oversight in drafting laws (as was the case here I believe).

Here's a little dose of deserved paranoia for you...

Here's an rticle from The Columbus Dispatch about a foiled terrorist plot and the men involved that stand trial...

Would-be bomber recounts evolution of NYC plot
By TOM HAYS, Associated Press

One thing I took from here were the last few sentences of the article in which its described that the Al Qaeda handlers for these would be martyrs were content with them pulling off a small scale attack..
Al-Qaida had told the men that pulling off a small-scale attack — even using guns instead of bombs to slaughter innocent New Yorkers — would be considered a success, Ahmedzay said.  He recalled one operative lamenting that other homegrown terrorists "have failed because they tried to do something big, and ended up doing nothing."
I think I have stated it before, but I believe the next attacks against us would most probably be a series of Mumbai style massacres were small groups of armed terrorists would attack soft, civilian targets.  Think about it, the Mumbai attacks actually cost Al Qaeda a small amount of men and materials for what turned out to be a large amount of casualties and press coverage.  

I do believe these terrorists are here and among us...waiting...be vigilant people.

Poll Results - Does the LCP really need a laser?

Close one here, with 51% of you agreeing with me that is doesn't..

Well, I guess that enough of you disagree with my assessment of the pistol and its role with a laser that I will keep it around for a while, doesn't cost me anything to do so and maybe I can try it out some more.  Not going to actually put in on my pistol for now, just add it occasionally to shoot with.  I have many more holster choices without it anyway...

Thanks to all that voted!

..oh, and it looks like I don't have to worry about changing my truck's plates in the new poll!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here's a good training freebie for tax day....courtesy of Tire Iron...

Ah tax day.... the wife and I actually got some money back this year thanks to increased donations to our church and other charities, but to many its a day to get the checkbook out and pay up.  So come on and pay up people...those Columbian prostitutes, GSA conferences and multi-first family vacations don't come cheap...

Well, for those of you that are a bit lighter in the wallet after today I offer up this freebie courtesy of fellow WTA member TireIron on the use of dump mags in managing your ammo load on a chest rig or other LEE/LEV type rig.  This is a good video, 25 minutes in length, informative and he backs up his claims by actually testing on film his methods and providing data...good show..oh yeah, did I mention its FREE!

This is a good example that you don't need to pay a lot of money for good training resources.  I have reviewed the Army Marksmanship Units combat shooting DVD available from CMP and thats a good bargain at $6...this is better...its free.  And unlike the Army DVD its not necessarily aimed at a single style of equipment.  I should mention that the info is worthless if you don't take the time to actually train on it, whether it be a full blown training class with live ammo or dry firing and mag change practicing in your basement or garage.  You don't need to strictly follow the advice of TireIron, the Magpul guys, me or anybody else...but whatever you do decide to use you need to practice with it.

For those curious...yes, I do have a "SHTF" rig for my rifle.  Its aimed at what I see as my most likely scenario to prepare for, a short term lack of government and police presence that allows a society without the rule of law (WROL)...think LA Riots or post Katrina New Orleans and you get my drift.  I live in what is  arguably one of the nicer areas of Ohio, my fear is that if there is some type of breakdown of LE services for whatever reason, somebody might want to come to my neck of the woods to go "shopping".  Somebody once asked a bank robber why they robbed banks.."because that's where the money is" was the answer.  My general concept of this scenario is that I am primarily based out of my home and am protecting it, hence the simplicity in its layout and selection of gear.

  • The base is a 5.11 chest rig in flat dark earth.  Its pretty small, I would go so far as to call it a "micro" rig, but its big enough for what I need it to be and cheap enough for most of us to afford.
  • On the front of it I have 4 AR mag pouches with PMAGS loaded with 55gr M193 style ammo...not looking to make 300 yard hits with this scenario The M193 has been proven at close range to be good enough for my use..plus most thugs or looters will probably be deterred and psychologically defeated the first time a couple of rounds end up in their general direction if not indeed inside of their bodies. This gives me 4+1 mags available for a total of 150 rounds...that "should" be enough.  Notice the mags are seated right side up and turned opposite of what they would be for a left handed firer.  They are PMAGS equipped with dust covers to protect the feed lips, this is how they sit now, it takes seconds to remove the covers and re-seat them properly in the pouches before donning the rig.
  • On my non-firing shoulder (right) I have a simple BOK with a CAT, Quickclot sponge, field dressing and some 4x4 pads in a zip lock bag with gloves.
  • On the front of the pouches on the left (dominant) side I have a pistol mag holder for two(2) 17 round Glock mags for the G34/G19 or one mag and a flashlight.
  • On the opposite side (right) I have a dump pouch (shown folded),  In my training, once a mag goes in it doesn't come back out until you are either in "admin mode" and are consolidating ammo or are completely out of ready mags.
  • In the middle of these last two items I have a simple Countycomm SO-LED light clipped on in order to assist in wound care or misc. applications. 

Just in case you may forget what all of that is feeding...

That's it...no e-tools, flash bang pouches, tactical assault bags or anything else like that.  I have a pistol belt with a holster, another dual mag pouch (primary), knife, mulitool, small multipurpose pouch (some 550 cord in it now) and light on it.  I also have a Camelbak I can wear with it if needed.  Again, I don't plan on running around Baghdad, just my home, yard and possibly neighborhood if need be.

Alright, so there is one freebie...got another for you on Thursday!

A feel good story that doesn't involve guns...

Normally I don't post much that doesn't have to do with firearms, the gun culture, the military or 2nd Amendment issues...but this story is just too cool to pass up...especially since College football is the one sport that I do love to watch.

A 17 years old Alabama girl who has been battling cancer since November 2010 completed her goal of beating back the disease in time to go to the prom...problem was nobody asked her to go.  To the rescue comes Alabama running back Trent Richardson - whose own mother is battling cancer.  How you can watch this and not get a little lump in your throat is beyond me...especially if you are a father with a daughter like myself...

Truly a class act by this young man and future NFL star...I won't say it often but I will give a "Roll Tide" for that act of kindness shown to this young lady.

Oh, and yeah, I guess the school she attends is HUEYtown High School...so there is that...

BTW, speaking of 'Bama...looks like they needed a broom and dustpan recently...lol

In Memorium

Haven't posted the last couple of days...had a funeral Saturday for a family member, a wedding later the same day and then yesterday I paid my respects to a fellow soldier I knew from my past, MSG Jeff Rieck, Co C 1/148th Infantry, 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Ohio Army National Guard. The ceremony was a solemn reminder that the profession of arms is one with dangers most people thankfully don't have to face.  It if were any other way they probably would give us something other than weapons to employ in its service.

MSG Hannon was also buried yesterday and CPT Rozanski will be interred tomorrow, both were also assigned to Charlie 148th and were killed on April 4th as the result of a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.  There were 5 other soldiers also wounded as well as 10 Afghans killed and many more wounded.  The bad guys seem to content to sacrifice many more of the people that they are trying to "liberate" from our "oppression" in taking us out.  Typical extremest behavior.

There is a video online of the aftermath of the attack with wounded and dead soldiers and civilians.  I will not post the link out of respect to the fallen, but I will relay something I saw that did cause me to well up in pride.  Towards the end of the video you see a US Soldier start to pull security over his wounded comrades and force onlooking Afghans to back up away from the area.  This is not only to provide safety and security for the wounded but also safety for the crowd as insurgency tactics have often favored a secondary bomber that attacks the crowd that gathers to gawk at the first ones destruction.  Even in the midst of such chaos our soldiers still keep their heads and do what is needed.  You can't just inherit that kind of action, that's effective training.

It saddens me to see US and Coalition forces still suffering casualties when a date to pull out is already in place.  In the past few days their have been a spur of attacks across the country aimed at our forces.

I would like to take a moment to thank all the members of the military that made the ceremonies yesterday very memorable for the family.  Also I would like to point out that Schoedinger Funeral Services in Columbus donated all of their services to the families from what I understand, very respectful way to say thanks to their families for their sacrifice.

Godspeed to the remaining members of the 37th BCT still in country on their safe return home.

Friday, April 13, 2012

North Korean missile test a turkey...

Ha Ha Norks!

US condemns North Korea's 'provocative' rocket launch

You'd think being so close to the Chinese they would be able to get some decent fireworks.....

It seems to me that every time the Norks do something like this they expect to get some type of appeasement from the West in the way of humanitarian aid or the like.  They are like spoiled children threatening a nuclear tantrum unless they get what they want... meanwhile their people starve...


Well, that last post make 1,000 of them you will find posted on this blog going back to "Guns And Butter" on May 15, 2008.  Wow, that's a lot if I do say so myself.  Sure, they all haven't been great exposes that have challenged my readers to use their brains too much, but there have been a few in that pile that are pretty good.

Running this blog has been a chore, pain and tortuous affair at times.  It has also been a blast too.  I have met some great people through interactions revolving around my content and I have learned as much as I have tried to expound myself from many of you.  As always thanks to taking the time to stop by and read a few words I may have scribbled down for your reading pleasure.

Huzzah for "The Raptor"! Cyber Warrior!!

Fox News reported a unconventional warrior has been making dents in Al Qaeda efforts to wage terrorism.  Not he's not a SEAL, Green Beret or any other unconventional warrior you may be thinking of...and the battlefield isn't the mountains and plains of Afghanistan or other distance lands...its the internet..

"The Raptor" is the name used by a self-described "infidel defending cyberspace for God and Country" who has been meticulously and mercilessly taking town extremest sites used by Al Qaeda and other groups to propagate extremest views, recruit new jihadists and generally make asses out of them selves on line.

The Raptor is reportedly a retired veteran with a grandchild that is trying to do what he can to prevent his family from having to fight the extremists face-to-face by preventing them from getting organized in the first place.  There are some that doubt that these attacks are the work of a single person, and instead suggest that the Raptor is a entity created by another organization to hide their work.  Regardless, I like the idea that this is a patriot doing what he can to disrupt the cancer that is extremism aimed at our country.

“Just another infidel defending cyberspace for God and country,”

I do wonder how much intel our spooky folks get from these sites and whether or not keeping them up to gather intel is better for us than just taking them down...but the "egg on the face" effect of having these sights taken down is just too good to pass up.   There has been an active push in both the intel, national security and military to up their ability to fight a cyber war waged on the US.  Indeed it could be argued that a cyber war has already been fought and is an ongoing affair with many well publicized attacks on US data centers and networks by foreign governments...most notably China and the Norks.

So I raise my glass to this singular warrior who has taken it upon himself to take the cyber battle to the terrorists and kick them right in their cybernads....  You will find a link to The Raptors blog on the right side of this page from now on.  Keep on fighting brother!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Glock Annual.... Das Meh...

Got the latest incarnation of the Glock Annual magazine for 2012 today in the mail.  I joined the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation (GSSF) last year and they sent it as part of their effort to get me to renew my membership - still undecided.  On one hand the "big" extra after a year is the ability to buy a Glock at the special dealer pricing, same thing I can do anyway by buying a LEO/.mil product with my Reserve Retired ID card from the National Guard.   You do get to qualify to attend the Glock armorer course, which I want to do just for crap and cackles anyway.  Like I said, undecided.

Anyway, its basically the same magazine I have gotten the past 4 years at the news stand.  Part advertisement, part marketing, part propaganda....all good.  You get some info on any new models or products they have, articles on how the Glock is the mainstay of some LE department you may or may not have heard of before, some stories about how the Glock has stood up to torturous use in the field or worked (when it was supposed to) and a full catalog of their product lineup.

So why do I feel so "Meh" reading it?   Because Glock is plain, plain and "meh" to a large degree.

I was talking to someone at work today and said that at one time everyone was talking about the Glocks being the best thing since smokeless powder and now when the subject of the Glock comes up everyone's opinion is that they are "OK".  What's up with that?  Well, as for my opinion, Glocks really haven't changed that much over the years to stay "exciting' to a large degree.  Yeah, every once in a while they will create another in a different caliber or something, but generally speaking, other than the G36, they are all the same gun, even in different calibers and sizes.  Nothing too sexy about them either, blocky and squarish they were designed to be functional rather than aesthetically pleasing...although their no-nonsense appearance does appeal to many, myself included.   When they first came out they were the first mass produced and marketed polymer frame pistols widely available.  In an era of metal framed autos that made them stand out, now many models use polymer.  They just aren't that "special" from a marketing standpoint...sure, some new texture and dual springs make them "Gen 4" now but the overall concept is still the same.  And damn well it should be.

Glocks work.  Glocks are solid, you can say they are almost a yardstick by which other pistols may be measured against.  Those big over sized frames and slides are functional and reliable. They are so simple that 34 parts are all that is needed to make a pistol.  I got to say, I'm a big fan.

Just not that excited to read the same history of the same product over and over, year after year... especially when the mag is $6 at the news stand (it used to be $5).   Do us all a favor Glock, give them away for free like Ruger and the others do at gun shops, I'd like that.

Update:  EDNDO posted this video this morning...on topic...

...and here is maybe a more realistic torture test of a G34, more abuse than most of us will heap upon a gun but well within reality for "field use"..and it shoots

FaceBook add fail...

Anyone else on FaceBook....probably a lot of you.  Have you ever paid much attention to the adds that they run on the side of the page?  The adds generally consist of some product or service aimed at an interest or characteristic of you that FaceBook has been able to data mine from your page.  They run the same adds over and over but often change the pics with some random pic associated with the same data mentioned above. A few days ago the following adds appeared for me....

I don't know whats funnier...the 80+ year old guy (who was obviously tagged a veteran in some metadate tag on the pic) who is going back to school using his veteran grant supposedly.... or the fact that the country needs  a wonderfully bearded guy (well known pic of a SF soldier in Afghanistan) with the words "bad man" next to him.  Had a good chuckle over this little faux pas.

And yes, my profile pic at the time was indeed Tom Jones...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012



No Not that map....(those without small children please Google "Dora the Explorer") ...and not in that sense... I shudder to think what that might look like...uh oh...too late

Found this cool little website called Map of the Dead which creates a "zombie survival map" based on your location showing "danger zones" and vital resource locations around your location.  The concept is pretty good and above getting prepared for the zedpocalypse it could also be a tool in creating a contingency plan in case of civil unrest (hello... Sanford, FL.) or other disaster planning.   The danger zones are just high population areas and the resources are suspect so verify all the info you might want to keep mind of.  I thought it was weird it listed a neighbor of mine (who is a nurse apparently and must have her home address listed as her business address) as a medical source and failed totally to list the Powder Room in Powell at all as a gun store on the map.  The attached map does not show my actual address, but is in East Columbus...

All-in-all a cool little site, just be careful if you use it for anything other than recreation...

Ruger isn't the only one busy....

A few weeks ago I posted that Ruger had stopped accepting new orders on firearms from vendors after a huge backlog of orders overwhelmed them.  Apparently there are production issues (if you want to call them that) at the S&W plant as well.  The folks over at Cheaper Than Dirt (who I have bought more than my fair share of swag from) posted about it on FaceBook....

Well, that's two of the biggest manufacturers at wits end trying to keep up with orders.  I chalk it all up to a combination of 2A activism creating new gun owners and a partial fear with the elections coming up that if the POTUS gets re-elected he will unleash AG Holder on the 2A like everyone thought he would in 2008, that was an unpleasant time.  I have said before that if the POTUS was going to go after gun ownership it would be as a lame duck in his 2nd term.  Hope I'm wrong...

Thanks for the info CTD....may be stocking up on ammo real soon with you....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Help me pick a new license plate

Got the yearly renewal notification from the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles this week.  Time to renew my tags again.  You may recall I did a piece on the many different variants of plates available to veterans in my state some time ago.  Looking at the list I would be interested in one of the following plates I would be eligible for:

The Army veteran plate (which is on my truck now)

The National Guard Retired Plate

 The Global War on Terrorism plate with the Afghanistan Service Medal 

The Global War on Terrorism plate with the GWOT Service Medal

The National Defense Service Medal plate.

The veteran plate is a good, solid choice again and says "I served" without being too showy I think.  I shied away from the retiree plate last year because I didn't want to seem "old".  The Afghanistan Plate is cool, but the only reason I got the campaign medal was I was in country at Bagram when a "declared ground attack" took place (I know, take your cheap shots if you must).  The GWOTSM plate is also cool and I did earn that one by being one of the first battalions to mobilize and deploy in response to 9/11 as part of Operation Noble Eagle.  The National Defense plate is also kind of cool but the award itself is nothing that special.

The standing poll on the laser for the LCP is at a dead heat right now with 65 votes for and 65 votes against it so I am going to let it stand for the remaining 5 days. I will have this poll up along with that one for a while, and you can help me decide what plate to get this year.

The M&P Shield...leaked photo?

The Firearm Blog got a good scoop here.... They have what is supposedly the pistol S&W is going to announce tomorrow, the M&P Shield, a single stack 9mm...check it out.

Color me interested! I used to own a few M&P pistols (M&P40 and M&P40c) but went with Glocks due to the better trigger, I hear they fixed that with later models.  I have a LC9 now as my primary CCW and probably won't be replacing it, but I am really curious to see how a single stacked M&P would feel in the hand and how much the backstraps would change that feeling.

As always, nice job TFB, wish I had the inside info you get.

A glowing recommendation...

First off, some of you may be wondering where the heck I have been.... well, I've just been lazy.

Secondly, check out the sights on my LC9, notice anything different?

How about now?

I got a front night sight installed this past week that I purchased from the folks over at Novak.  They are not listed on their website for the LC9, but if you call them they do make them.  I did have to wait several weeks for them to be billed and arrived so I am assuming they are either custom made or behind in orders. The cost was around $60 with shipping and another $30 to have them professionally installed by Brian over at The Powder Room in Powell.  Other than the one pin being a bit too long and needing filing down, Brian said the install was straight forward.  I shot it when I picked it up and the POA/POI had not changed, which is good of course.

Why only replace the front and not the rear too?  This has been brought up on many boards and such and it basically comes down to personal preference.  If I do have to engage an adversary at night it most likely will be a very stressful situation to begin with and the single dot to concentrate on (remember, "front sight - press") I think is a good concept to embrace.

Right now this is the only option I found for night sights for this pistol.  With the popularity of these single stack 9mm right now you'd think there would be more choices.  But right now this is the only game in town apparently and I am glad to report they seemingly work well!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A loss...

Just found out that a number of soldiers in one of my former units have been killed and wounded in an attack in Afghanistan.  Not at liberty to give out names or details as I got this info through some folks I know and the families are still being contacted.

Needless to say I am very sorry for their families and those they left behind, including their fellow soldiers still on mission over there.  My thoughts and prayers to all of them.


Rest in Peace Soldiers. 

Veteran saluting...

A friend of mine who works for the VA posted this info from the military.com site about the proper etiquette for veterans and others in and out of uniform to render the salute when appropriate.  The following excerpt from the 2008 Defense Authorization Act pretty much lays it out...

                        BY MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES NOT IN 
                        UNIFORM AND BY VETERANS.
    Section 301(b)(1) of title 36, United States Code, is amended by 
striking subparagraphs (A) through (C) and inserting the following new 
                    ``(A) individuals in uniform should give the 
                military salute at the first note of the anthem and 
                maintain that position until the last note;
                    ``(B) members of the Armed Forces and veterans who 
                are present but not in uniform may render the military
                salute in the manner provided for individuals in 
                uniform; and
                    ``(C) all other persons present should face the flag 
                and stand at attention with their right hand over the 
                heart, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should 
                remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it 
                at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart;

Note: Part (C) applies to those not in the military and non-veterans. The phrase "men not in uniform" refers to civil service uniforms like police, fire fighters, and letter carriers -  non-veteran civil servants who might normally render a salute while in uniform.
Many veterans -especially those in veteran groups like the VFW and American Legion - have been rendering salutes to the flag for years, although not officially able to do so.  I think its a good thing we now "legally" allow our veteran population to render the proper respect to our nation as the respect actually goes both ways by allowing it.   We recognize that our veterans are part of a long grey/green/khaki/camo line that stretches back to the founding of our country and will continue into the future.  The actual number of veterans at any given time is normally very small in relation to the overall population.  

I have been know on special occasions or at certain parades to snap off a crisp salute to the flag when appropriate, normally I stand with my hand over my heart.  Its the right thing to do either way...do it.